University Accreditation Report Editing, Proofreading

Dr. Karim Seghir, Dean, The School of Business, American University in Cairo:

"Christine is a professional and reliable editor. She has proven to be up to every challenge we assigned her.  She is a team player and was always committed to work hard for long hours until the task was complete. She respected the deadline and with her trained eye she provided constructive comments. Christine has outstanding editing skills that were evident in the accreditation reports assigned to her by the AUC School of Business in 2014."


Hamid E. Ali, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Public Policy and Administration:

“Christine edited our accreditation report for our NASPAA reaccreditation. She was professional and through, finished on time and of great help in getting us through the process successfully. We are happy to recommend her.”


LL.M Thesis Supervision, Editing, Proofreading

Sherif Hazem Ibrahim, LLM, International Law, American University in Cairo, Head of Technical Office and Intellectual Property Rights Department, Central Department for World Trade Organization, Trade Agreements Sector, Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs, Egypt:

“As the supervisor of my AUC LL.M thesis, “EVALUATION OF EGYPT’S CONFORMITY WITH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STANDARDS IN US FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS,” Professor Anderson’s support went beyond the norm and included suggestions for structural modifications, meticulous proofreading of the text of the thesis, discussion of the main areas that should be included in my thesis, and ensuring the legal detail was thorough. I would personally consider it a great pleasure to work with her again.”


Akram Korany, LL.M American University in Cairo, Legal Counsel of Riyad Bank Secretary General the Egyptian Leasing Association: 

"I attended the Legal Practice Course at the AUC which was given by Prof. Anderson. Although this was a mandatory course to obtain the LL.M degree, Prof. Anderson objectively offered a great help during this course and after it. She aptly provided excellent materials and practical assignments. Legal writing and Blue Booking are considered one of the hardest tasks for any law student and legal practitioner, Prof. Anderson was great help to my learning these skills. Also Prof. Anderson offered very distinguished courses, such as environmental Law. After I finished my LL.M., Prof. Anderson offered generous assistance in editing my papers and proposals. "


Journal Article and Book Chapter Editing

Hussein al Kersch, MS Civil Engineering, American University in Cairo:

“Christine edited the article: ElKersh, H. and El-Haggar, S. (2015) ‘Recycling of Lead Crystal Glass Sludge to Produce Foam Glass’, International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, Vol. 18, No. 5-6, pp.448-464. Dr. Salah M. El-Haggar and I ultimately have published this in chapter two of Sustainability and Innovation, Oxford University Press, 2016. Her help was invaluable for our ultimate success in reaching publication. She was patient, thoughtful and through.”


Restructuring and Revision of Thesis, Conference Speech Coaching, Award Proposal Editing

Dina Magdy, M.A. International Human Rights Law, American University Cairo, PhD candidate, Department of Sociology, York University, Toronto, Canada:

“Christine helped me so much with the restructuring and revision of my thesis. She coached me for my first international conference speech. And, she edited my proposal for the highly competitive SSHRC awards for my PhD field work. ”


Writing, Editing, Applications for Fulbright Awards, Conferences, Master’s Programs and Publications

Mohamed Berray, Resident Librarian, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.:

“Over the years Christine has mentored me and overseen my written applications for awards from Fulbright, for conferences, for my master's and other programs, as well as my publications. I can give much credit for my successful acceptances to her editing of my writing. She is patient, constructive, meticulous and an excellent person to work with, always caring about the results and advising me honestly and helpfully. It has been a privilege to work with her."


Editing of Reports, Proposals and Documents

George Marquis, Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, American University in Cairo, Ph.D. candidate Colorado State University, Ft. Collins:

"Christine’s work is of the highest standard. She is at ease editing reports, proposals, and other documents in a variety of professional fields and academic disciplines. I highly recommend her work.“


Coaching, Preparation for Public Speaking

Niko Sievert, Attorney, BDO, International Tax Department, Transfer Pricing Division, L.L.M in International Law, American University in Cairo, and Ph.D. candidate Queen Mary University, London:

“Speaking in public requires more than just knowledge of the subject. It’s posture, tone of voice and the aura of confidence that make a good speaker. Christine Anderson greatly helped me to develop these skills, given that I had never spoken in public before.”


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