Every writer needs an editor. Many of the most successful writers have several editors through different stages of publication. We all need critical help.

  • An editor helps you succeed by improving the quality of your written work, so that your expertise is unmistakable.

Preparing you to succeed, whatever your goal, suggesting and advising appropriate strategies and direction, organizing and tailoring your words to your purpose, assuring that your work, whatever form it takes, has a professional patina, as well as words that reflect your significant substance: This is my work. It is the work of an expert.

  • An editor helps you understand how your audience may react to your written words, which can be the difference between success and failure, by providing you with a third-party’s critical eye and a thoughtful ear.

Approvals and acceptances don’t just happen. They are the product of appropriate choices, much thoughtful research and preparation prior to the first draft. Whether for an accreditation report, a thesis, a journal article, a personal statement for an application for graduate school, a scholarship, an award or a professional speech, a fresh, critical editor’s eye may be the crucial difference between success and failure. I will work with you, as needed, to develop effective approaches for your applications, reports, documents, writing.

  • An editor helps you prosper by making your writing more professional.

Clarity of thought, well organized structure, polished words and form are a winning combination. If your writing is not well organized, if the sentences require rereading to understand, if punctuation and spelling errors distract your reader, your chances of success are diminished.

I am a professional word worker. I have been writing, publishing and editing since I was young. I have been a member of law graduate faculties, been on accreditation report teams and written accreditation reports. I taught writing for many years. My resume includes many different kinds of writing, ranging from academic to blogging. I have advised, supervised, edited and proofread for students, faculty and others. I do many different kinds of work with words. And, I enjoy the work.

If you want your expertise to be unmistakable, if you want your audience to react in the way you expected them to react, or you just want to be perceived as the professional you are, please contact me and we can talk about your needs, the way I work and my negotiated pricing.

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“Christine’s work is of the highest standard. She is at ease editing reports, proposals, and other documents in a variety of professional fields and academic disciplines. I highly recommend her work.“  
George Marquis, Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, American University in Cairo, Ph.D. candidate Colorado State University, Ft. Collins:
“Christine is a professional and reliable editor. She has proven to be up to every challenge we assigned her.  She is a team player and was always committed to work hard for long hours until the task was complete. She respected the deadline and with her trained eye she provided constructive comments. Christine has outstanding editing skills that […]
Dr. Karim Seghir, Dean, The School of Business, American University in Cairo:
“As the supervisor of my AUC LL.M thesis, “EVALUATION OF EGYPT’S CONFORMITY WITH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STANDARDS IN US FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS,” Professor Anderson’s support went beyond the norm and included suggestions for structural modifications, meticulous proofreading of the text of the thesis, discussion of the main areas that should be included in my thesis, and […]
Sherif Hazem Ibrahim, Head of Technical Office and Intellectual Property Rights Department, Central Department for World Trade Organization, Trade Agreements Sector, Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, Egypt.

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